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Tuesday , February 21st 2017

Fellow Democrats,

The next regular meeting of the LCDP will be at February 20th at 7:00 in the Ho Chunk Three Rivers House, 724 Main St., La Crosse. We will have Terry Hicks from the speaking.

Some of you are feeling shocked, in disbelief, angry, in denial, or wanting to do something. Whatever your state, you need to get with like minded individuals and discuss our options. Where do we go from here? To paraphrase what Mother Jones had on one of their front covers, "Don't be depressed, down, or just angry. Fight like hell." I, for one, think that is good advice. Already Trump has had two members of his administration resign under a cloud and two more nominees withdraw their names. This didn't happen in a vacuum. It happened because people joined together, drew strength from their numbers, increased the volume of their voices by their numbers, and made themselves heard.

Join the La Crosse County Democratic Party. Add your voice to ours and ours to yours, make yourself heard. Add your ideas to our ideas, increase the power of our activities. Find a home for your hopes with those who hope for the same and find a home for your need to be active. We are waiting with open arms and minds.

Please see Volunteer page for some of the things we are doing.

If you have questions please use the Phone# 608-518-6121 or Click here to email

We urge you to contribute to the La Crosse County Democratic Party so that we can have the resources for a local office this year as we continue to fight for our values. CLICK HERE to do so.

J. D. Wine
Co-Chair 2017, LCDP

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La Crose County Democratic Party Contacts

Co-Chair: Susan Goeldner
(608) 518-6121

Co-Chair: J.D. Wine
(608) 783-0172

Vice-Chair: Paul Kruse
(608) 783-6206

Treasurer: Diane Oldani Wulf
(608) 780-7007

Secretary: Dave Wulf
(608) 799-8977


Sara Bentley

Ed Burgess

Obbie King

Carolyn Smith

Kris Troyanek

Past Chair:
Vicki Burke

College Representative:
Anna Kivi

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