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Thursday , November 26th 2015

Fellow Democrat,

The last couple of weeks in October, the Republicans busily set about to complete the hijacking of Wisconsin’s government. They eliminated the civil service exam so it will now, again, be possible for a state official to hire a friend for a job at an inflated salary. After many Walker staffers were caught in illegal activities, the Republican legislature made themselves immune from John Doe investigations. After the Government Accountability Board, a governmental oversight body, was involved in an investigation of Walker, a bill has been introduced to do away with that body.

Various right wing organizations have spent millions of dollars to get ultra conservatives on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. When these same organizations were caught in illegal coordination with the Walker campaign, that supreme court ruled that the activities weren’t illegal. As an extra measure, the Republican legislature passed a bill making the activities legal.

Congratulations to your leadership for 2016! The election was held on Monday, November 16, at Ho Chunk Three Rivers House, 724 Main St., La Crosse. Officers are the following: Chair-Vicki Burke; Vice Chair-Kris Troyanek; Treasurer-Diane Oldani Wulf; Secretary-Harvey Witzenburg. At-Large Executive Board members are the following: Susan Goeldner, Tom Krajewki, Carolyn Smith, Paula Stanek, and Jeff Wildt. J.D. Wine remains on the Board as Past Chair. Sarah Seguine-Hall is the college representative.

Thank you to the 2015 LCDP Board members. They are listed below.

If you have questions please use the LCDP Phone# 608-769-5286 or Click here to email

We urge you to join and contribute to the La Crosse County Democratic Party so that we can have the resources for a local office next year as we continue to fight for our values. CLICK HERE to do so.

J.D. Wine
Chair, LCDP

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La Crose County Democratic Party Contacts

Chair: J D Wine
(608) 783-0172

Vice-Chair: Marcia Wine
(608) 783-0172

Treasurer: Kris Troyanek
(608) 782-3135

Secretary: Harvey Witzenburg
(608) 781-8507


Ed Burgess

Barb Clark
(608) 784-1887

Paul Kruse
(608) 783-6206

Susan Goeldner
(608) 789-0766

Jeff Wildt
(608) 781-4833

Past Chair:

Vicki Burke
(608) 792-5854

College Representative:

Sarah Seguine-Hall

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